Manners on a Bus

  • Please fasten your seatbelt when you sit down on the seat.
  • Seats are all predesignated, so please sit on the seat assigned. (except for some route)
  • Please give consideration to the passenger behind you when you recline the seat.
  • Please keep your voice down inside the bus to avoid bothering the sleeping passengers.
  • Please do not occupy a seat with your luggage.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the bus.
  • When the bus stops for a break on the route, please come back to your seat by the designated time, if you leave the bus.

Important reminder for your hand-carry bags.

  • When you retrieve your luggage(suitcase, carry-on baggage) placed in the baggage compartment under the bus, please make sure they are yours.
  • Please keep all valuables with you at all times.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items under the baggage compartment and brought into or off the bus.