Tokyu Bus Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi can be used by passengers on Tokyu highway bus services.


Buses that provide free Wi-Fi

All airport shuttle and highway buses operated by Tokyu Bus

Connecting to Wi-Fi

1.Open the "Settings" on your device.
*Steps may differ depending on your device.


2.Select "Wi-Fi".


3. Turn on Wi-Fi to search for wireless networks. Select "TokyuBus_Free_Wi-Fi".


4. Launch your browser app to bring up the connection confirmation screen. Select "Connect to the internet".

5. Read through the user agreement and then select "Agree".

6. Connection is now complete—you should have access to the internet.


Please note

  • Tokyu Bus Free Wi-Fi is a free public LAN service provided by Wire and Wireless Co. Ltd.
  • Data transmitted via the Tokyu Bus Free Wi-Fi service is not encrypted and therefore faces the risk of being intercepted. Please take extra care when entering personal information or other sensitive data.
  • Please be aware that we take no responsibility for any damages to yourself or a third party arising from the use of the service.


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