Exciting open-top bus ride around Tokyo's Shibuya and Kabukicho districts, SHIBUYA STREET RIDE

Cultural concierge to guide you through the deep world of Shibuya

At the bottom of a distinct hollow lies Shibuya—a place of unifying magnetism that attracts people of a playful mind from all corners of the globe and exudes a magical charm that induces interactions brimming with inquisitiveness.

SHIBUYA STREET RIDE gives you the chance to cruise the streets of Shibuya to discover this unique "mixture" and the allure of Tokyo's creative and cultural epicenter that continues to give birth to the city's newest and most bizarre cultural phenomena. Feel the winds of energy flowing out of the city onto your skin as you seek to find your very own "Shibuya."

New routes to and from TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER will commence on April 28, 2023.
Special campaign offer! Passengers that book and pay for their seat in advance can receive a ¥1,000 discount on the price of an adult fare.

If you're visiting Shibuya and Shinjuku, why not jump on board the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE bus to experience the allure of Tokyo's famous Shibuya and Kabukicho districts?

Things to See


Omotesando Avenue

Famous for its beautiful rows of Japanese elm trees, Omotesando is a 1.1-kilometer-long avenue running between Harajuku and Aoyama. The area is also known as a shopping street and home to many internationally recognized brand stores. Feel the exhilaration of cruising down the elm-lined streets on the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE bus.


National Stadium

Situated in a corner of the outer gardens of Meiji Jingu Shrine, the National Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium designed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan's leading architects. It aims to blend in harmoniously with the many trees surrounding it and generate a feeling of warmth owing to the incorporation of Japanese traditional architecture and domestic timber. Many sporting events are held here. Admire its magnificence as a building that represents the traditional beauty of Japan from atop the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE bus.

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Timetable / Fare

To celebrate the opening of the routes that travel to and from TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER, passengers that book and pay for their seat in advance will receive a ¥1,000 discount on the price of an adult fare (or ¥500 on the price of a child fare).

Normal fares Campaign fares (limited to bookings paid for in advance)
Adult ¥3,000 / Child ¥1,500 Adult ¥2,000 / Child ¥1,000

*Passengers that book and pay for a seat in advance for travel on or after Friday April 28, 2023 are eligible for the campaign fare prices.
*Tickets purchased from the machine located inside the Shibuya Fukuras building or aboard the bus will attract the normal fare prices.

SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket (limited to 10 seats per bus)
See here for more information about SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket

Adult ¥4,200 / Child ¥2,000

*When boarding the bus, you will be given a voucher for entry to Shibuya Sky (visiting Shibuya Sky before riding the bus is not possible).
*Please inform a crew member when boarding the bus if you are traveling with a child aged between 3 and 5.
*The voucher for entry to Shibuya Sky is valid up until the last admission time on the same day. Please use the voucher to receive your admission ticket to Shibuya Sky from the ticket counter.

Wednesday to Sunday every week, plus public holidays
*No services on Mondays and Tuesdays due to maintenance.

Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras) → Scramble Crossing → (Koen-dori, Harajuku, National Stadium, Jingu Gaien, Omotesando, Dogenzaka) → Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras)

Bus Stops Departure Time Note
Shibuya Fukuras 11:20 Ride duration: Roughly 50 - 60 minutes (passengers are unable to disembark during the ride)

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2. SHINJUKU CONNECTED ROUTE (Shibuya ⇒ Shinjuku Route)
Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras) → (Koen-dori, Omotesando, Jingu Gaien, Shinjuku Station, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Kabukicho) → TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER

Bus Stops Departure Time Note
Shibuya Fukuras 15:40 Ride duration: Roughly 50 - 60 minutes (passengers are unable to disembark during the ride)

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3. SHIBUYA CONNECTED ROUTE (Shinjuku ⇒ Shibuya Route)
TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER → (Kabukicho, Harajuku, Omotesando, Koen-dori, Dogenzaka) → Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras)

Bus Stops Departure Time Note
TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER 10:10 Ride duration: Roughly 50 - 60 minutes (passengers are unable to disembark during the ride)

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Departure point

Shibuya Station (Shibuya Fukuras) Bus Stop 9

Routes departing from here:
1. Shibuya Loop Route
2. Shibuya ⇒ Shinjuku Route

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Routes departing from here:
3. Shinjuku ⇒ Shibuya Route

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Vehicle Information


Open-top double decker bus. The body of the bus represents the streets that connect all of the different areas of Shibuya. The buildings and monuments that symbolize Shibuya are arranged in the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE logo, representing the history of various peoples and cultures. The colorful seats represent Shibuya's diversity. The level of excitement is bound to rise after you climb aboard this bus, which even from the outside looks like a piece of entertainment.

All seats are equipped with a multilingual audio guide system.

Please note:

  • Operating times are a guide only. Delays can occur due to traffic conditions or other reasons. Please allow yourself ample time when using this service. Please understand that the operating company will take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused by delays or other incidents.
  • Passengers are unable to disembark at any point during the ride.
  • The service may be suspended in the event of wild weather. The service may also be suspended immediately before departure in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions.

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