Discount package! SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket

The former is an open-top double decker bus that cruises the streets of Shibuya, while the latter is an observation deck offering fantastic views of Shibuya.


Are you really satisfied with seeing Shibuya's famous pedestrian scramble crossing at only ground level? You should be able to experience and discover your very own Shibuya—the birthplace of modern Japanese culture—from many other angles.
From the open-top bus that plies the streets of Shibuya, you can experience the streetscape and the comings and goings of people from a perspective not possible on foot or by car. And from the 229 meter-high observation deck, the skies above Shibuya are all yours as you look down on the Shibuya scramble crossing below and take in the panoramic views all the way to Mt. Fuji.
The SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket makes this all possible.

This discount ticket lets you experience both the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE open-top bus and the SHIBUYA SKY observation deck.

Entry to SHIBUYA SKY usually requires a designated time, but with the SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket, you can gain admission anytime during operating hours on the same day after riding the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE.
Get the full Shibuya experience with the SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket!

*The SHIBUYA SKY admission voucher will be provided to you when boarding the open-top bus. It will remain valid up until the last admission time on the same day.

Tour Shibuya on the bus


The SHIBUYA STREET RIDE open-top bus has three different routes.
Ride duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Operating days:
Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

  1. Want the tour of Shibuya?
    SHIBUYA DISCOVERY ROUTE (3 services/day)
  2. Want to get from Shibuya to Shinjuku?
    SHINJUKU CONNECTED ROUTE (1 service/day)
  3. Want to get from Shinjuku to Shibuya?
    SHIBUYA CONNECTED ROUTE (2 services/day)

After disembarking, you can either grab some lunch first before heading to the observation deck, or explore the streets of Shibuya before enjoying the "Crossing Light" show every half hour from 19:00 onwards. Either way, you can choose when to visit SHIBUYA SKY depending on your schedule. Take in the streets and the route covered by the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE double decker open-top bus from a different perspective and experience the heartbeat of Shibuya from a unique aerial viewpoint.

See here for more information about SHIBUYA STREET RIDE


  • See Shibuya from a completely different perspective
  • Make use of the multilingual audio guide to keep abreast of all the highlights
  • The bus ride gives you a glimpse of some of the major sights of the Shibuya area, including the scramble crossing, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, Omotesando, and the Olympic Stadium
  • The night view of Shibuya is amazing and you can see the scramble crossing from a different perspective

See Shibuya from up high


SHIBUYA SKY is located at the top of the Shibuya Scramble Square building—you can reach it from the 14th floor via elevator. From the observation platform, you can enjoy 360-degree views from a height of 229 meters above the streets of Shibuya—the ideal location to view Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, and various other landmarks.

Customers usually need to choose an entry time when purchasing tickets for SHIBUYA SKY. However, SHIBUYA STREET RIDE customers that have purchased a combo ticket will receive a special admission voucher, granting entry at any time during operating hours on the same day.

*Please visit the SHIBUYA SKY website for information about the last admission time.
*The admission voucher will be provided to you when boarding the open-top bus. It will remain valid up until the last admission time on the same day.

Why visit SHIBUYA SKY?

  • Must-see views of Mt. Fuji
  • The best sunset and night views of Shibuya
  • 360-degree panoramic views of Shibuya
  • Enjoy dinner in the Shibuya Scramble Square building—the restaurants on the 12th and 13th floors

[Operating Hours]
10:00 - 22:30 (last admission: 21:00)

Points to note about SHIBUYA SKY

*Please be sure to check the operating hours on the SHIBUYA SKY website.
*Entry to the rooftop and some parts of the 46th floor may be restricted due to inclement weather, including rain, lightning, strong winds, and heatstroke prevention measures during extreme heat. Please also be aware that bad weather may obscure the view.
*There are some restrictions on what you can bring in. Please visit the SHIBUYA SKY website for more details.

Buy a combo ticket


Bus stops Adult Junior high/high school student Child
Shibuya/Tokyu Kabukicho Tower ¥4,200 ¥3,700 ¥2,000

How to make a booking

Bookings can be made from the booking site below.

  1. Please select your departure point, Shibuya or Shinjuku.
  2. Select the date and the departure time.
  3. Select the SHIBUYA SKY Combo Ticket plan and complete your payment.

*The SHIBUYA SKY admission voucher will be provided to you when boarding the open-top bus. Please note that the admission voucher cannot be provided to you before boarding the bus, so please consider this when making your reservation.

Booking site

Japan Bus Online. Available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and Korean.

*Booking cannot be accepted via telephone, over the counter, or inside the bus.
*Ordinary seat tickets cannot be changed to a combo ticket after payment has been made.

Points to note about the combo ticket

Upon boarding the SHIBUYA STREET RIDE bus, you will be given a SHIBUYA SKY admission voucher.
After enjoying the open-top bus tour, please present your SHIBUYA SKY admission voucher to a staff member at the ticket sales counter on the 14th floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square building anytime during operating hours on the same day.

*Infants (3–5 years old) can ride free and no reservation is required, however please inform the staff that you are riding with an infant when boarding the bus so that an infant admission voucher for SHIBUYA SKY can be provided to you. The cost of admission to SHIBUYA SKY for an infant is payable at the time of entry.