Exciting open-top bus ride around Tokyo's Shibuya and Kabukicho districts, SHIBUYA STREET RIDE

Boarding Information

  • Once the bus reaches full capacity, no more bookings will be accepted. We recommend making a booking in advance.
  • Infants traveling with an adult or child (six years or older) passenger will be asked, in principle, to pay the cost of a child fare if they occupy a seat.
  • The seats on the bus are located on the upper deck and are available on a first-come first-served basis. Passengers will be required to climb up and down the stairs, however, the bus conductor and guide are unable to help passengers at this time. We kindly ask passengers with mobility issues to board the bus with another person that can offer them assistance.
  • Unfortunately, there is no space on the bus for wheelchairs or strollers. Please make use of the cloakroom service (fees apply) at the Shibuya-san tourist information center before boarding the bus.
  • Pursuant to Japan's Road Traffic Act, all passengers must wear a seatbelt when seated. For your own safety, and to comply with the intentions of this law, please fasten your seatbelt when the bus is moving.
  • The upper deck of the bus has no roof, so we kindly ask that passengers take their own precautions to protect themselves from sunburn or cold weather. Please refrain from using umbrellas, including parasols.
  • When the bus is moving, please take care not to let your hat or other belongings get blown away in the wind.
  • In rainy weather, the roof of the bus may be closed, however, rain gear will be offered free of charge to passengers.
  • For your own safety, please refrain from extending your arms outside of the bus or using such implements as a selfie stick attached to your smartphone.
  • Please switch your mobile phone or smartphone to silent mode while on the bus. Also, please refrain from talking on the phone so as to not inconvenience other passengers around you.

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